Graduation Requirements

As a college preparatory school, graduation requirements will go beyond the minimum requirements for entry to the University of Massachusetts. In addition, afternoon or ‘studio’ time will allow students to embark on a wide range of additional learning opportunities. Studio time will include a mix of required and optional courses and learning experiences. At the Margarita Muñiz Academy, this includes:

Core Credits

  • 4 years of science (Physical Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • 4 years of mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics)
  • 4 years of humanities seminar credits
  • All students will be required to take AP Spanish or demonstrate proficiency on the Boston University Interpreter Exam

Studio Credits:

  • Required courses/programs:
    • Technology Class (9th Grade)
    • College Class (11th Grade)
    • Internship Program (12th grade)
  • Music, Arts, Technology, and Language Electives
    • El Sistema program
    • Advanced Technology/MMA Tech Squad
    • 3rd Language
    • Additional electives (e.g. Studio Art, School Newspaper, etc
    • Academic Acceleration
    • Computer based tutorials
    • College classes at partner universities
    • Accelerated courses (e.g. Project Lead the Way courses)
    • Interdisciplinary exploration of real-world issues
  • Academic Support
    • Individual or small group tutoring
    • Guided study hall
    • Computer based tutorials
  • Fieldwork related to Core Classes