Crew: Knowing Each Student Well

IMG_0002We believe that an important element in every student’s success is knowing each well as learners and members of the community. Crew is designed to ensure that every student has a connection to one adult who will mentor and guide each student throughout the year. Crew Advisors and students will focus on progress as learners and citizen-leaders.

Crew Highlights:

  • You will be assigned to an advisory with 10 to 13 other students.
  • You will meet with your Crew twice a week for a forty-five minute block on Wednesdays and Friddays.
  • Crew is graded as Pass/ Fail.
  • Your Crew Leader is the primary contact person between the school and your parent/ caregiver and family.
  • Your Crew Leader will advocate on your behalf and will help you learn how to effectively advocate for what you need.

As a Crew member, every student must:

  • Attend regularly.
  • Participate in community service projects.
  • Participate in college visit exploration day.
  • Participate in your narrative conferences with your parent/caretaker and advisor.
  • Review your transcript.

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